We Make Staying Well Affordable! Here in Marin many of us are devoted and committed to our personal growth: mind body and spirit.  Not surprisingly, Marin also has a high concentration of world-class providers of alternative and holistic health care and education. So it’s a challenge to sort through all the choices. How do you find the right healer and the right teacher for you?  How can you choose whom and what is the best healing modality for you without spending all your time and money? More…

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Welcome to Our New Practitioner!  Janet Lott, MFA, AmSAT Certified – Alexander Technique

Janet Lott has been teaching the Alexander Technique privately and in groups for the past 13 years.  She was trained by Frank Ottiwell, Robert Britton, Rome Earle and Simone Biase at the San Francisco Alexander Training Institute. She earned an MFA in Dance from the California Institute of the Arts, founded her own Dance Company and taught at Naropa Institute, the University of Colorado and Reed College as well as at professional studios.

Janet works with high performance athletes, musicians, physicians, public speakers, desk sitters and anyone in pain from the misuse of their bodies.

What is the Alexander Technique?

The Alexander Technique is a process of neuromuscular movement re-education whereby students learn the ability to choose balanced, appropriate, coordinated and poised responses to stimuli rather than habitual, tense, unbalanced and effortful responses.  The AT facilitates high performance in all activities, including public speaking.  It relieves neck and back pain and improves power and stamina.

Fees:  $85.00 per hour

$20.00 for a 20 minute introduction at CWC.  $30.00 for 30 minutes.
Phone: 415.272.4811
Website: http://janetlott.com/

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Featured  Practitioner for August: David Kitts – Acupuncture, Soul Structure Healing, Atlas BalancingDavidKitts1

David Kitts L.Ac. is an Acupuncturist with 27 years in practice.  He also practices “Soul Structure Healing”,  enhancing health through bringing awareness to the Human Energy Structure (based on the highly accurate and detailed Sacred Anatomy work of Desda Zuckerman).  He was recently certified as an Atlas Balancing practitioner and is profoundly grateful to Elizabeth Westermann and delighted to add the foundational health support of Atlas Balancing to his tool chest!  David is the Energy behind the “Community Wellness Center” in Fairfax California.  CWC brings together 15 Holistic Health practitioners with the shared goal of making Holistic Health the first choice of the surrounding community through education and by making these services affordable to people with lower and average incomes.

“My gifts are touch, sensitivity to energy, profound curiosity and intuitive knowing.  When I found teachers that showed me “push here, that gets better there” I knew I’d struck the jackpot and have stayed with them for over 25 years!  My clients tell me they enjoy the instant relief and relaxation that the accurate touch and needling provides for them.  When I found Desda’s work, I was thrilled that now I could be just as accurate with the energy anatomy and get instant results ranging from release of lifelong negative self-perspectives to permanent unwinding of scoliosis.  Yet even though I’m astounded and grateful every time I work for the blessing my clients give me by allowing me to support them with my gifts, I have been feeling that I have been working against some fundamental limitation.  Now it seems I may have found how to release that basic limit: correcting the misalignment of the atlas vertebra with Atlas Balancing Sound Codes!!  There is nothing like feeling the atlas move effortlessly into place with the gentle suggestion of the codes!  The possibilities for improved health through all of my practice techniques now feel truly limitless!  Thank you Elizabeth Westermann: another true pioneer in the future of healing and health!!

Clinic Hours: Wednesdays 10:30 am – 1:30 pm, Thursdays 10:30 am – 1:30 pm

Fees: Center rate: $20 per session
(Private Practice rate: Acupuncture $130, Soul Structure Healing $150. Sliding Scale available)

Website: http://www.davidkitts.com
Email: david@davidkitts.com
Phone: 415-269-0885

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Generosity: A Post Consumer Economy

(and Holistic Health as the way we care for each other in the coming “Generosity Economy”)

I was listening to a fascinating radio interview* yesterday about how the bankers and the government created the consumer economy as our national identity and a shiny new solution to our economic ills after WWII using sophisticated popular media and advertising campaigns that laid out the model for the ideal new life in the suburbs.  More…

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Give a Gift of Healing to Family and Friends. Giving always feels abundant!  Now you can join our intention to increase the gifting aspect of our local economy.  Purchase gift vouchers of any amount for any of our healing therapies at our front desk.  More…