We Make Staying Well Affordable! Here in Marin many of us are devoted and committed to our personal growth: mind body and spirit.  Not surprisingly, Marin also has a high concentration of world-class providers of alternative and holistic health care and education. So it’s a challenge to sort through all the choices. How do you find the right healer and the right teacher for you?  How can you choose whom and what is the best healing modality for you without spending all your time and money? More…

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 Come join us for Qigong with Susan Ezra on Fridays  9:00 – 10:00 amQiGongimage

Chi Gong (Qigong) is the ancient Chinese practice of movement and meditation, deeply rooted in the balance and harmony of nature.  Chi is the vital life force energy that animates all living beings.  Through gentle exercises we learn to cultivate and direct the flow of Chi within ourselves and draw from the Universal Chi all around us. Chi Gong has long been known to promote physical and mental health, enhance the immune system, improve balance and strength, benefit all the body systems, organs and cells, create inner peace and joy and lead to vitality and longevity.

Susan Ezra is an holistic nurse and Integrated Imagery practitioner who has been a student of Chi Gong, primarily in the Way of Joy practice, for more than 18 years. Susan would love to share what she has learned with you. susan.ezra@gmail.com for questions or RSVP.   Fee is $10 per class. Beginners are welcome.

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Give a Gift of Healing to Family and Friends. Giving always feels abundant!  Now you can join our intention to increase the gifting aspect of our local economy.  Purchase gift vouchers of any amount for any of our healing therapies at our front desk.  More…

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Generosity: A Post Consumer Economy

(and Holistic Health as the way we care for each other in the coming “Generosity Economy”)

I was listening to a fascinating radio interview* yesterday about how the bankers and the government created the consumer economy as our national identity and a shiny new solution to our economic ills after WWII using sophisticated popular media and advertising campaigns that laid out the model for the ideal new life in the suburbs.  More…

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