Mark Kahn, CMT

Massage, Clinical Bodywork

Mark Kahn is a licensed, Certified Massage Therapist, with education and training practice dating back to 2004.

His modalities include:

  • Swedish / Effourage (long flowing strokes)
  • Deep Tissue (slower deeper movemonts targetting postural muscles, beneath the superficial layer)
  • Fascial Release (wringing the muscles to facilitate their release from connective tissue)
  • NeuroMuscular Therapy (resistance exercises which help clients to release holding patterns)

Mark has been practicing yoga since 1999, and provides clients with take-home exercise, when appropriate, to help clients continue to open in their bodies.

“Much of the stuckness we can feel in our lives seem to correlate directly with stuckness in our bodies, manifesting as range of motion limitations and simply bodily pain. Prana is the word for ‘energy’ in sanskrit, and the idea of moving prana is to venture towards wellness by challenging inertia, pain, stuckness, inflammation, stagnation. ”